Reviews: Van Helsing vs Dracula’s Daughter & Grimm Fairy Tales Odyssey

Some thoughts on Van Helsing vs Dracula’s Daughter #5 & Grimm Fairy Tales Odyssey #34 from Zenescope Entertainment

Van Helsing Vs Dracula’s Daughter #5

This is it. The fight you’ve all been waiting for. Helsing vs Draculas Daughter and only one will be leaving alive. Don’t miss this action-packed conclusion to the series brought to you by the fan-favorite creative team from Revenge of Wonderland, writer Raven Gregory and artist Allan Otero.

Writer: Raven Gregory
Artwork: Allan Otero

This was a very intersting issue. It’s not all one-and-done like some of the others, but is leading to something bigger!
I like the way Van Helsing sets it all up – we get some revelations from what went before, plus whats going to happen in the future. Van Helsing thinks it’s all over…..
It’s only just beginning – now all the pieces are set up!
This issue combines some very clever moves, with some excellent artwork – there are some good loose ends and Van Helsing seems very alone. The colours and the shades work well too!

Grimm Fairy Tales Odyssey #34

In a last-ditch effort to close the gate between Neverland and Wonderland, Skye must make her final stand to end the war of these two realms. Will it be enough or is this the end of the journey for the Guardian of the Nexus? Don’t miss this climactic issue that you will need to see to believe, as lives will be lost, and secrets will be revealed!

Writer: Dave Franchini
Julius Abrera

The War of Neerland. There are some interesting deaths here! Yes Skye gets some information, but there is still a lot to learn. She battles well and rallies those around her. I like her fear of the war and understand it – very well told. The battle is a little confusing at times, but the end result is there.
There are further steps on the road for Skye, and it looks like the next one may be difficult!

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