Reviews: Grimm Fairy Tales, Belle: Oath Of Thorns & Robyn Hood: Vigilante

Some thoughts on three new comics out this week from Zenescope Entertainment – Grimm Fairy Tales #35, Belle, Oath Of Thorns #5 and Robyn Hood: Vigilante #4

Grimm Fairy Tales #35

Skye has made it to the realm of dreams, but Wonderland is far more nightmarish than anything the Guardian of the Nexus has seen. As she travels through this land of madness, certain truths will be revealed, and things become curiouser and curiouser as Skye finds out everyone is all a little mad here. Will she be able to make it out with her life or at the very least her own sanity?

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Cleber Lima

Wonderland! We know that this place is crazy and the end of this issue really shows us some of that! The beginning of the issue, though, does give us some backstory. The more detailed history of the grail and how Skye’s quest links to the overreaching story of the armour and the grail. There’s no real progress yet in this issue, but there is some nice backstory and foreboding! This issue’s art felt a little different to me, but there was some good storytelling, which links up the main story arc!

Belle: Oath of Thorns #5

The truth is revealed! After the shocking ending of last issue, all the cards are on the table. Mel, Candlestick and Alex are in trouble and Belle must hurry if she hopes to save the lives of those she loves most. Be sure not to miss the penultimate chapter in this pulse-pounding series!

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Alessio Mariani

We start to get some answers in this issue! Belle gets some answers too, with a long and difficult conservation with her father. His reasoning makes some sense? I wonder what the fallout from all of this will be? Meanwhile, we get some good monologuing from who I think we all suspected was going to be the villain of the arc! I like the setup and Belle does look like she’s going to have her work cut out for her in the final issue.

Robyn Hood: Vigilante #4

Mayor Nyguen takes the first big step in her sinister plot to take control of New York City when she recites Robyn’s last ally to her cause. Meanwhile, Robyn’s sanctuary is compromised and she finds herself going toe-to-toe against the same robots who nearly killed her. But she soon realizes that the ‘bots are the least of her worries when she meets the Vigilante Hunter Squad’s newest member: a bio-mechanical monstrosity who makes her mechanical foes look like harmless toys.

Writer: Ben Meares
Artwork: Babisu Kourtis

The end game is starting here. The Mayor shows her true colours and what she is up to. I like the twist with the robots and the police, and that reveal was obvious, but an interesting one! Robyn is in a bad place and it looks like things are going to get worse! She does have some friends, but I don’t know if they are going to be enough!
This issue started slow, but really picked up!

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