Reviews: Monster Planet, Conspiracy: Area 51 & Grimm Fairy Tales

A first issue for the Conspiracy series is out this week, plus Monster Planet and Grimm Fairy Tales continue. Here are my thoughts.

Monster Planet #4

The uneasy alliance between Blair Spencer’s team of human soldiers and the vampire Xavier Drake and the monsters that he leads has been pushed to the limits. But they’ve managed to hold together and escape the creatures and bandits that have taken over Chicago…or have they? Just when it looks like Spencer will complete her mission and deliver the cure that will save humanity from becoming primordial creatures, everything falls apart. Now with the time quickly running out Spencer finds herself trapped on a mysterious island from which no one has escaped alive. And if she can’t find a way to survive hope for the human race will die with her.

Writer: Joseph Brusha
Artwork: Marcelo Mueller

This issue deals with a problem from the previous issues, and it works out nicely for the team. Some of the individuals, not so much though. There seems to be a bit more trust between the team here, and I like the way that built up. A nice throwback to the Monster Island mini-series too. The queen monster/beast was an interesting touch and I wonder if that is going to cause more problems in the final issue. It looks as though time will be a problem, and what will the final finish be as they get closer to their goal…

Conspiracy Volume 2: Area 51

Do you believe we are alone in the universe or are there other lifeforms out there waiting for contact? Is the government keeping them a secret from the public? Is it for our own good, or for something far more sinister? Find out the truth here, as we storm this conspiracy head on!
WARNING This series may very well change how you look at life as we know it.

Writer: Hans Rodionoff and Adam F. Goldberg
Artwork: Allan Otero

Kicking off a new series with a non-event from last year. They may not have been able to storm Area 51, but some people got in – and that’s where they really get into trouble! This was a good introduction to the new series. With a lot of weird and alien things going on, we get shown a lot, but no reason why. The finish is left very open with a possible look at a wider conspiracy going on. The twists in this series are very good.

Grimm Fairy Tales #36

A swamp can be a very dangerous place, especially one within Wonderland. And with madness constantly lurking throughout every shadow, Skye Mathers, Guardian of the Nexus will come face to face with some of those very horrors, as she takes on the Frog and Fish Footman of dreadful dreams. Don’t miss this insane, nightmare-inducing issue in the next part of Skye’s Odyssey!

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Julius Abrera

We get a short flash to Camelot in this issue – in Wonderland – and the gauntlets for holding the grail are halfway completed. Then we are onto Skye, and she’s stuck in a swamp and has to deal with a load of Frog and Fish people. Skye learns some lessons for fighting here, and it looks like she’s moving forward – until she isn’t. This seemed a bit of a placeholder issue, but the next one is called Journey’s End – so we are getting there. I did enjoy the fight scenes.

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