Reviews: Van Helsing Vs The League Of Monsters & Grimm Universe Presents

Some thoughts on two new comics from Zenescope Entertainment – Van Helsing Vs The League Of Monsters #1 and Grimm Universe Presents 2020

Van Helsing vs. The League of Monsters #1

Van Helsing is still reeling from the revelations of recent events after her world came crashing down around her. But she won’t have time to catch her breath as something catastrophic is heading her way. Will she be able to handle some of the deadliest creatures in all existence? Alone any of these would be formidable foes, and Liesel will have the ultimate challenge laid before her, with taking them on all at once. The odds are not in her favor, and it doesn’t look good for the legendary vampire hunter.

Writer: Raven Gregory
Artwork: Deivis Goetten

This issue is all build up. Dracula and his daughter are reaching out to more allies. Maybe Van Helsing has some too. Two of them are wildcards – Hellchild and Julie, but there is also Robyn (although she may have her own problems. It’s quite a choppy issue, with some good set up parts. I like the werewolf (shades of Sabretooth there) and the tease of Frankenstein. Van Helsing is, at the moment, unaware of what is coming for her – we can only hope that she finds out in time to prepare.
I expect things to ramp up in the next issue!

Grim Universe Presents 2020

As the Grimm Universe continues to grow, new adventures await the many heroes that reside inside it. Don’t miss this 64-page issue of epic proportions, as we get 5 all-new, never-released short stories, spanning from all corners of the realms of power, leading into the future of all things Grimm!

Writer: Joseph Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, and Dave Franchini
Artwork: Various

Kicking off is a good Van Helsing story which acts as a prologue to the new Van Helsing series (above). It’s fast-moving and answers a lot of questions about the prisoner in Van Helsing – and how long ago! The mention of Shang was interesting!

Next up is a teaser for a new series from Zenescope. I did wonder where it was going, but this worked nicely as an introduction. I really liked the art, and the Ghosts and Goblins look interesting!

Next up is an interesting return. I’m not sure what it all means, but there are some good action points here. There was a very cryptic comment in there, and the underworld has a new king…

A tease of the future for Skye – the book has something to do with it and there is a mystery of who is behind it all. Nicely framed as a dream?

Some history of Shang here, and it’s very interesting in the way he is – it looks to be leading to a Shang series, which I’ll be looking forward to!

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