Digital Comics Release Round-Up 11th March 2020

It’s #NCBD and here is your round-up of digital comics available from across the internet. Get them to either download or on a number of apps.

Aftershock Comics have the next issue of The Man Who F#&%ed Up Time

Time-traveler Sean Bennett has been ordered to fix the damage he did to the space-time continuum or face the wrath of the Future Police. But to do this, Sean Bennett must face his most dangerous adversary – Sean Bennett?

Writer: John Layman
Artist: Karl Mostert

From Dynamite Entertainment this week:

Digital comics this week from Image Comics include a new series from Jonathan Hickman & Mike Huddleston – Decorum #1

Decorum #1 (of 8)
Manifest Destiny #42
Moonshine #17
Pretty Violent Vol. 1
Reaver #7
Snotgirl #15
Sonata #9
Stealth #1 (of 6)

From Dark Horse Comics this week on the Dark Horse Digital app and ComiXology:

Blackwood: The Mourning After #2
Criminal Macabre: The Big Bleed Out #4
Disney•PIXAR The Incredibles 2: Slow Burn #2
Elfquest: Stargazer’s Hunt #3
Joe Golem: Occult Detective Volume 4–The Conjurors
StarCraft Volume 3: Survivors
Tales from Harrow County: Death’s Choir #4
The Complete ElfQuest Volume 7

Mouse Guard - Available Now @

Free this week on DriveThruComics is Brass Sun #1 from Rebellion.
Todays deal of the day is:

Hollow Girl Vol 2: Father[s]
From AAM Markosia

Step deeper into the world of the vigilante, HOLLOW GIRL, in this twisted tale of supernatural revenge from Luke Cooper, the creator of A Glimpse of Hell and artist behind Wolf Country and the True Believers Comic Award winning GoodCopBadCop.

Wearing an expressionless white mask, Hollow Girl kills for the dead, a willing vessel for the souls of the wrongfully killed. But now her past has literally come back to haunt her – the ghost of her father manifesting to remind her of the abused child she once was and twist her already damaged mind. With even more horror and brutal action than the first book, this is a must-read for fans of comics like THE CROW, HIT-GIRL or THE PUNISHER.

Also available this week is:
Wizards for Hire – Cheap!
Fathom Prelude #1
Fathom V4 #4
Fathom Volume 3: Worlds At War

IDW Publishing has Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #4 and more this week:

Disney Comics and Stories #11
From Hell: Master Edition #10
Judge Dredd 100 Page Giant
Marvel Action: Captain Marvel #4
Read Only Memories #3
ROM: Dire Wraiths #2
Transformers #18
Uncle Scrooge #55

Check out the latest digital comics on ComiXology here, and the following selection of sales are now live!

Incredible Hulk 2-day Sale: Use code HULK Offer ends 3/12.
Valiant Bloodshot Sale: up to 66% off! | Ends 3/30
Image Hickman Sale: up to 60% off! | Ends 4/2
DC Spotlight: Robin Sale: up to 80% off! | Ends 3/16
Dark Horse Linewide Sale: up to 50% off! | Ends 3/16
Abstract Studios Linewide Sale: up to 75% off! | Ends 3/30
Kodansha Sports Madness Sale: up to 50% off! | Ends 3/16
Marvel War of the Realms Sale: up to 67% off! | Ends 3/12
Dynamite Altered Carbon Sale: up to 75% off! | Ends 3/12
Marvel Who Are The Eternals Sale: up to 67% off! | Ends 3/12
Fantagraphics Chuck Forsman Sale: up to 50% off! | Ends 3/16
Aspen Linewide Sale: up to 66% off! | Ends 3/26
Titan Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Sale: up to 66% off! | Ends 3/29
Indie Women's History Sale: up to 50% off! | Ends 3/30
Action Lab  Crime & Mystery Sale Sale: up to 50% off! | Ends 3/31

Two new digital comics from Titan Comics Adler #2 and Shades of Magic: The Steel Prince – The Rebel Army #4

2000 AD Prog 2172 is out this week.
In this issue:
JUDGE DREDD: THE RELIC by Kenneth Niemand (w) Jake Lynch (a) Jim Boswell (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)
SINISTER DEXTER: THE FRIGHTENERS by Dan Abnett (w) Steve Yeowell (a) John Charles (c) Simon Bowland (l)
THE ZAUCER OF ZILK: A ZAUCERFUL OF SECRETS by Peter Hogan (w) Brendan McCarthy (a+c) Len O’Grady (c) Jim Campbell (l)
SKIPER TRACER: NIMROAD by James Peaty (w) Paul Marshall (a) Dylan Teague (c) Simon Bowland (l)
FERAL & FOE by Dan Abnett (w) Richard Elson (a+c) Joe Elson (c) Annie Parkhouse (l)
Available in print from: newsagents and comic book stores via Diamond
Available in digital from: 2000 AD webshop and apps for iPadAndroidWindows 10

B&V Friends Forever: It’s All Relative #1 (Betty & Veronica Friends Forever) is out this week from Archie Comics

DC Comics have a Robin Sale this week!

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