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THE WORLD’S STRONGEST #1Written by: Juan PonceArt by: Matthew Gallman (Pencils), Jon Yuen (Colors)Cover by: Beverly Johnson
24 pgs./ A / FC

$2.99 (Digital-First)

Think MS. MARVEL and MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN mixed with the kinetic energy of SCOTT PILGRIM.

An all-new digital-first Action Lab one-shot! THE WORLD’S STRONGEST #1 is an action-adventure comic full of high thrills and social relevance. The one-shot features a day in the life of Earth’s only superhero, a hard working mother, who for the first time ever must battle against powerful supervillains.

There are many superhero comics on the stands, but THE WORLD’S STRONGEST goes far beyond the action. This is a character study, the story of a new kind of hero. Grounded in reality, but electrifyingly fun throughout, this is a one of a kind one-shot with an uplifting message at its core.

When asked what he wants the reader to get from his book, creator Juan Ponce answered: “To feel inspired and a little more informed. Also, to have fun and be thrilled! Although she’s scared, Samantha never gives up. I want the reader to see what makes a great hero; selflessness. Heroes may be recognized for their triumphs, but are shaped by their struggles.”

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