Reviews: Shang, Conspiracy & Van Helsing Vs The League Of Monsters

Three new comics out this week from Zenescope Entertainment – Shang #1 begins a new story, while Conspiracy: Alien Abductions and Van Helsing Vs The League Of Monsters #2 continue.

Shang #1

Before Shang was the mentor to the Guardian of the Nexus, bear witness as his past is finally revealed!
The war for the Imperial throne is coming to an end. Shang, the last of his dynasty, seemed nearly invincible until a new general was chosen to lead the Imperial army. As these two strong forces race towards their inevitable clash, sinister forces plot to defeat them both.

Writer: Nick Bermel
Artwork: Daniel Maine

Well, there is a twist in this tale, which links to something coming out about now!
Less of that though and on with the story. This is a battle of wills. Shang has his ideals and we’re not sure who to trust in who is right. Yes, we know Shang from the Grimm fairy Tales main series – but is his role here just penance? Perhaps, but he has something to get to before that! This issue has a link with the Grimm Universe 2020 issue. There are some intrigue and a well-told battle. Shang has his problems and the betrayals come thick and fast. A well-told beginning to a new mini-series.

Conspiracy: Alien Abductions

For all of history, humans have been looking to the stars for answers, but what if the stars have been looking back? Do you believe reports of everyday people being abducted and experimented on by otherworldly lifeforms? Are the bright lights seen in the night sky the cause of a natural phenomenon, maybe they can be explained away by our technological advancements, or are they something much more terrifying? Find out the answers in this book!

Writer: Hans Rodionoff and Adam F. Goldberg
Artwork: Allan Otero

Moving on from Area 51, the conspiracy is now onto alien abductions. This is a well-done tale, with things moving on really well. It’s only until we get to the final quarter of the story where things seem to link to the previous story. I like the way this has been set up and it also sets up the next issue in a logical manner. The alien abduction itself was excellent, and I loved the art.

Van Helsing Vs The League Of Monsters #2

As the forces of evil, led by Dracula’s daughter, gather with plans to wreak havoc on all that Helsing holds dear, Liesel must race against time to save her former apprentice, Julie Jekyll, from the darkness growing inside her soul before it’s too late. Featuring a star-studded cast of the Grimm Universe heroes, Robyn Locksley, and Hellchild, as well as the greatest villains, from Van Helsing’s past, that she has ever faced before.

Writer: Raven Gregory
Artwork: Deivis Goetten

We find out what has been happening to Julie, and the going-on in her head. This makes her easy to manipulate and someone is there to take advantage of that – this adds up to a lot more trouble for Van Helsing.
Van Helsing herself is getting board of falling into traps, but it seems that there are more for her. Robyn is also in trouble, but it takes a while for her to realise it. The deck is getting more stacked against Van Helsing and there is still more to come. What will Hellchild do?

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