Back From The Dead…

By now you’ve hopefully seen that someone is back from the dead.
In my last two reviews of 2000 AD – Prog 2175 and Prog 2176 that the last story has been censored by the Justice Department.

Well no longer – here are my thoughts on the first two issues of the new story in 2000 AD


The first issue links back nicely to what we knew. Hershey died and she was cremated.

But she wasn’t.

We found out the nature of her death and what caused it. What we know now is that she is going to die – just not yet. Her death may bring those out who have killed her. They think she is dead, they will make their moves and she is free to investigate.
Of course, this means that Dredd knows too. They’ve had their differences, but now at least she has a way forward. I remember Hershey when she was on the street, and I think this shows that Dredd does too. He also knows what the role of Chief Judge does to someone, and Hershey understands that. There’s a lot unsaid between them and it’s just left at that. Very well done.

The art and colours link together really well, different tones and shades for the different scenes – until the final page of the first issue.

Issue two gets right into the action. Retaining the excellent art and colour scheme of the last. The scheme allows certain details to ‘pop’ well. Hershey is already making waves and is under attack. The attack is fast-moving and although she can hold her own, she rapidly starts getting in trouble. Luckily it seems there is some help…

An excellent first two issues of a bigger story – spinning off of the Small House and more. Great to see Hershey on the street.

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