Quarantine Comix Issue 4 Out Now

The latest issue of Quarantine Comix is out now, this week it has a strong link to Ice Cream Man!

This week, we’ve got something special for y’all:  the never-before-seen secret origin of Pinky Ring—that blush-colored bastion of Bubble Gum Justice from the pages of Ice Cream Man #17.

Pinky was seen in only a single panel of the aforementioned publication (depicted as the ring-wielding, salmon-hued galactic cop of Ice Cream Man’s alternate-dimension crimefighting squad), but his impact was nonetheless felt deeply across the comic book industry.

Some people—who all asked not to be named, for some reason—even suggested (totally not under duress!) that the very annals of superheroism were forever transformed with but a fleeting image of this masked guy in rosé tights.

And so: just as Pinky’s piece of fifth-finger jewelry brings his thoughts to spectacular life (via bubble gum constructs, natch), so too do we use our magic metacarpals to illustrate our wild ideas for you here—giving you a little something to chew on during another bland week at home.

Double your pleasure, double your fun,

**50% of proceeds will be donated to BINC, in an effort to support Comics Shops contending with the financial hardships of COVID-19 closures etc.

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