Review: Agent 1.22 #4

Issue #4 of the ongoing series, Agent 1.22 is out now, available online, on ComiXology (soon) or Kindle.

Agent 1.22 is on the run! Will the Establishment take her down before Matt can save the Mnemosyne? AND…Rae learns the secret of the Galatea Protocol.

by Stephan Nilson (Author), Tom Dheere (Author), Angelo Panetta (Author), David Martin (Author), Douglas Shuler (Illustrator)

There’s a lot against the clock here, but we do get some more understanding. We find out a little more about Agent 1.22 and her background. It’s interesting and the perfect point to drip feed this kind of information to us.

I like the action in this issue – robots, people and a cross between the two, it was well done and the outcomes were very well played.

I liked the twist with Agent 1.22’s memories, that is going to throw in some additional problems in future issues.

The art is very good, some of the special effects used (like the scanning) are well done in this format, as are the space and more explosive aspects.

This carried on the story well and gives us a bit of a breather for the next issue.

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