Digital Comics Release Round-Up 3rd June 2020

It’s #NCBD and as comic release schedules return there are new digital comics out too.

Dynamite Entertainment has some deals on this week.

The Dynamite Action Bundle on Fanatical is part of their BundleFest, so poke around for more great deals on video games and more. Starting at just a buck for $60 worth of digital comics, the savings just increase from there. 

Check out the Leading Ladies Sale on ComiXology. The sale is (virtually) stacked so high with graphic novels starring all your favorite Women of Dynamite. We really recommend checking out the underrated Magnus series from fan-favorite writer Kyle Higgins (Nightwing, Power Rangers) and art by the shooting star Jorge Fornes (Batman, Daredevil).

Also available from Dynamite Entertainment this week:

From Archie Comics this week is a new Sabrina mini-series. Plus:

With new additions added to Archie Unlimited:

  • Archie vs Predator 2 #4
  • Archie (2015) #709 (Archie and Sabrina Part 5)
  • Betty & Veronica Friends Jumbo Comics Digest #276
  • Sabrina’s Christmas Magic #4 (Archie Giant Series #231)
  • Sabrina’s Christmas Magic #5 (Archie Giant Series #243)
  • Vampironica: New Blood #1

There’s a some new arcs in the latest prog of 2000 AD from Rebellion

  • UK and DIGITAL: 3 June £2.99
  • DIAMOND: MAR202060

In this issue:
Judge Dredd: End of Days by Rob Williams (w) Colin MacNeil (a) Chris Blythe (c) Simon Bowland (l)
Sinister Dexter: Boys in the HUD by Dan Abnett (w) Steve Yeowell (a) John Charles (c) Jim Campbell (l)
The Order: Land of the Free by Kek-W (w) John Burns (a) Simon Bowland (l)
Future Shocks: Journey to the Edge of the Earth by Chris Burnham (w+a) Len O’Grady (c) Simon Bowland (l)
The Diaboliks: La Vita Malvagia by Gordon Rennie (w) Dom Reardon (a) Jim Campbell

Available in print from: newsagents and comic book stores via Diamond
Available in digital from:2000 AD webshop and apps for iPadAndroidWindows 10

From Markosia is a new digital comic release – GENU Vol 1

Homo Sapiens represents the evolutionary zenith of the genus Homo: we have created scientific and technological miracles in less than 300,000 years. Before us, however, another Homo species lived on Earth for almost two million years. That’s the amount of time that it would take for the Roman Empire to rise and fall again about 1,000 times. This species was Homo Erectus. You know: those grotesque cavemen whose greatest technological achievement was a bunch of carved stone hand-axes.

Or was it?

ComiXology have added their latest digital comics selection – including the latest Agent 1.22 (reviewed here)

As well as their latest digital comics sales – including sales from Marvel Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, and Viz Comics

There are four new Marvel digital comics this week.

From Aftershock Comics this week is the completed edition of Garth Ennis and Goran Sudžuka‘s A Walk Through Hell

When two fellow agents go missing inside a Long Beach warehouse, Special Agents Shaw and McGregor are sent to investigate. But what they find waiting is far from routine, as the local police have already discovered to their cost. Before the night is out, our heroes will encounter terror beyond their most appalling nightmares – in a place where the night may never end at all.

On DriveThruComics this week they have some new comics added, as well as Dragons in Civilized Lands Free Special From One Finite Monkey for free.

Also available this week is:

Zombies! - Available Now @

IDW Publishing have two new digital comics on sale this week.

Plus they still have a Humble Bundle sale on

PJ Holden & Al Ewing are the guest creators on this weeks Quarantine Comix.

It’s by none other than Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk) and PJ Holden (2000AD)—they’ve cooked up a really fun 3-page riff on Animal Crossing and Wicker Man (with, for my money, a splash of Borges’s The Gospel According to Mark added to the mix.)

All proceeds from this story go to the Equal Justice Initiative and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.  

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