Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #105

The TMNT are back and issue #105 promises three things…

Music, mayhem, and most importantly: family. The TMNT all return to NYC and begin to see a path forward for themselves in Mutant Town. The conclusion to Sophie Campbell’s first ongoing story arc ends with heart and isn’t to be missed!

Sophie Campbell (Author, Artist, Cover Artist) Tom Waltz (Author) Kevin Eastman (Author)

This was an interesting coming together issue. It resets the status quo really well and gives a real feel of family. Yes, the Foot are still about and they make their presence felt in a small way. They don’t interact though.

The dojo and the community feel are excellent. This new now gives a good idea of how things are working. The Splinter Clan are all settled in and everyone seems to know their place.

Now what might ruin that?*

The art is excellent, with some nice colouring and scenes. I like the panel breaks and the whole feel of the comic.

This was an excellent standalone read and a perfect one to jump in after the delays and pandemic.

*Think TMNT 3…

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