Review: Venus Rises – Exordium #2

The second issue of Venus Rises – Exordium is available now, and after the first issue, there is a lot to look forward to.

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The crew of the salvage spaceship Cattywompus are on route to a Venusian trading post, as they’re in dire need of fuel and supplies. Meanwhile, back on Mars, a massive fire that was once Shirokawa Corp. HQ threatens the integrity of the City Dome itself. Raia is determined to protect her V.I.P. asset (a.k.a. Hollister) at any and all cost.

Story by: J. G. Birdsall
Art by: James Newell
Cover by: Adam Stone

The fallout from the last issue is dealt with really well here. It’s a fast paced story on Mars, with a lot going on in this issue. It gives us more of a look into the setup on the world too. It has a military style police who take charge, but it may not be enough.

The race to get out of the dome is well done, with a short explainer for why it is so vital, and it makes a lot of sense.

Meanwhile in space, things are a lot slower, with some interesting negotiations, as well as the problems on Mars effecting things.

The interspersed news reports are a good idea and show the ‘official’ reaction to what is going on.

I enjoyed the art in this issue. It was gritty and well shown with some good reactions to what is going on.

This issue continues to leave us with questions, but with some good hooks for future issues.

You can get Venus Rises in print or digitally here

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