Review: Saga Valta

Available digitally from Europe Comics, something mythical and Scandinavian…

In times of yore did a forbidden love arise between Valgar of Valta, son of Halgerr the Golden-Haired, and Astridr, daughter of Thorgerr, and to them a son was born, Gunnar. But Thorgerr was a mighty lord, and with his hundred warriors hunted the couple down, ensorcelling his daughter and banishing her husband. Now, to rescue his true love, Valgar must embark upon a long and perilous quest that will take him into the forest depths to meet the monster called Ogerth the Serpentine, and the far south to fight the beastly devourers alongside Skarperdinn. But Skarperdinn’s wife has other plans…

Script by Jean Dufaux – Art by Mohamed Aouamri

This is the beginning of a saga.

It features battles, monsters, gods and betrayals. It’s artfully told – part epic and part comic. It was a spellbinding read.

Valgar is the main character and it starts with a birth – not his, but his son. This is where the trouble begins. The grandfather of the child is not happy, and he is not nice. He has views on who should wed his daughter. It builds up nicely, with mad dashes through dead forests, as well as monsters. The part with the monster is especially interesting, and hints towards something bigger for the story.

Nevertheless the quest continues, and Valgar finds himself fighting some more. He finds some allies and some he thinks are allies – but they have their own plans for him. It’s all going to blow up in someones face, and this was well planned.

I really enjoyed the storytelling in this issue, and it had me hooked from beginning to end. The art is excellent and had some amazing scenes in it.

This is a great read for those who love the old battles and viking tales of long ago.

You can get Saga Valta Volume 1 from Europe Comics

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