Review: Shang #2

The Shang mini-series, exploring his past continues in this issue.

Shang #2 from Zenescope Entertainment

After Shang and his rival, who recently revealed herself to be a woman named Mulan, get transported to a mysterious realm, they must set off to find a way back to settle their score once and for all. They will soon find out that won’t be so easy however, as sinister forces plot from the dark to conquer both realms.

Writer: Nick Bermel
Artwork: Daniel Maine

The mid point in this three-issue arc and it feels like it should be a longer series. There is a lot to take in in this issue. A lot explained.

We not only find out the where and the how, but there is also a link to the why.

The banter between Shang and Mulan is slowly turning into a grudging respect, and you can see that happening soon. Both of them having to face the ghosts of their respective pasts is well done.

The art is good on the whole, some of the fight scenes were a little confusing – but overall there were good scenes.

The colouring works well, especially when you discover where they are.

It will be interesting to see if this ties into the current Grimm Fairy Tales arc.

You can get Shang #2 on Amazon and ComiXology from Zenescope Entertainment

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