Review – Conspiracy: Men In Black

Zenescope Entertainment‘s Conspiracy series continues, tying together as many different ones as possible. This week is my thoughts on Conspiracy: Men In Black

Men in black suits are almost synonymous with UFO sightings. Over the years it has been said that they have urged many witnesses to remain silent of unexplainable and possibly extraterrestrial phenomenon. Cases of contact with these men appear throughout history. But where do they come from, who do they work for, and what are their intentions? Are they even men at all? Don’t miss the shocking truth unclassified in this issue. But be warned, uncovering the truth may cause more harm than good, as some truths are best left unknown.

Writer: Hans Rodionoff  & Adam F. Goldberg
Artwork: Allan Otero


They didn’t go the Will Smith route of Men In Black. These aren’t the fun, min-wiping ones. They are something a lot more sinister.
The buildup works well. Very Stranger Things, with LARPers in the woods, smoking a bit. Then there is the crash. It’s very impressive, and is a long, drawn out affair. I like the art of the ship and the crash.

There’s a few pop culture references here. Doctor Who, ET, and War Of The Worlds. They all fit the narrative very well – they also don’t fit what is in the story. This isn’t an alien getting ill from germs, or a world conqueror, but still something nasty.

The army arrive to help, and they seem to have some link to the MIB, although it doesn’t seem to be that the army are happy about it. That’s the first indicator that something is wrong. I like the recapture and the reveal there – it’s at that point we link to the larger story.

This was a good issue, with enough of a tease, and a link back to what we already know.

I enjoyed the art and some of the larger panels and scenes were well done.

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