Review – Judge Dredd: False Witness #2

IDW Publishing’s run on Judge Dredd with the second issue of Judge Dredd: False Witness.

As tensions rise between citizens of Mega-City One and immigrants from the Cursed Earth, wanted criminal Mathias Lincoln tries to figure out a way to alert the Justice Department to the nightmarish experiments in Dr. Filth’s lab. The stakes ramp up in this timely new story from writer Brandon Easton (Marvel Action: Spider-Man, Star Trek: Year Five) and artist Kei Zama (Death’s Head, Transformers)!

It’s good to see this series continue. There’s a good refresher at the beginning of the issue – which helps as it seems like forever since the last issue.

This issue builds on the story really well. There are a lot of tensions in Mega City One (when aren’t there?) and there is a lot against the mutants and outsiders from the Cursed Earth. I like the way it builds in the TV personalities – the argument that they are ‘entertainment’ rather than news – and that’s why the Judges can’t get them off the air.

The story moves on fast and there is some good backstory about Eden’s Bridge and what those who want to get into the city have to do. There is a good ‘Chekov’s Gun’ too.

This issue finishes with a good cliffhanger, and some interesting points for the next issue. This was well told and had some excellent art scenes – especially when Dredd is confronted by a protester.

You can read Judge Dredd: False Witness #2 from IDW Publishing digitally on Amazon or ComiXology

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