Review – The Omniscients: Phenomena

The first book in this series featuring kids with unlimited knowledge. What would you do? The Omniscients book one Phenomena is out now from Europe Comics.

When five teenagers wake up one morning imbued with absolute knowledge, the news travels fast, and before long the young geniuses are taken into hiding by the FBI. What would you do if you were 15 and never had to set foot in school again? Our heroes won’t have long to think about it, as a secret organization is hell-bent on capturing them. And they also have a puzzle to solve: where did this gift come from, and who are these mysterious beings seemingly playing with their destiny?

Script by Dugomier-Art by Renata Castellani

This is an excellent introduction. We get a nice teaser in the beginning. And we’re not sure how this fits into the main story, but it must be something about the loss/gain of knowledge.

Working is way through this story is something a little more mystic. We get hints of this throughout the story, including it having an impact on one of the characters.

The characters themselves are well introduced. The kids are the main emphasis as they should be – although we do get some on their families and the other supporting members.

The introduction of the knowledge given to the kids is excellent – their different situations and knowledge base makes this an excellent read – and you can learn something too!

This story has its exciting aspects too – with some danger and adventure. There is the escape and avoidance of the FBI and the methods they use.

There’s still a lot to learn here, and where this story is going – there are people and factors to learn (heh) and some good ideas.

We’ve built up – introduced everyone together and got a way from them to start with, and now the adventure can start in earnest.

The art in this is well done, and there are some good moments of action. These are well paced and placed well within the story. There are some interesting aspects and angles of the story and I really enjoyed how it was portrayed.

You can get The Omniscients: Phenomena from Europe Comics online.

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