Review: Van Helsing Vs The League Of Monsters #5

We’re on the penultimate part of this mini-series and things are really moving now. Van Helsing Vs The League Of Monsters #5 is out now from Zenescope Entertainment.

After suffering a horrible defeat at the hands of the villains, Helsing and our heroes must regroup as Dracula prepares to unleash his plan, which could bring all hell on earth.

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Julius Abrera

This issue starts with an interesting flashback. It gives us a further idea about the goals and reasons for this big team-up. Set in the past it is tinged with the best of intentions (although the methods aren’t good)

Hellchild, is in a bad place, and things get worse for her – this is an interesting twist on the story.

Things are not doing well for Van Helsing and Robyn. There is a little monologging about who is to die first and that gives the team time to enact a plan. It’s pretty explosive and splits the group. Robyn against the werewolves is interesting, and I wonder if that will be something to revisit in the future.

Julie has her own problems as Hyde is really taking over – I can see this meaning a difficult decision for Van Helsing.

This issue started off slower, but the pace rapidly picked up – it’s got all the people in position for the final issue.

The artwork was good, with the fight scenes being especially well done, with some interesting angles. I like the style and some of the choices made in the first few pages too.

You can get Van Helsing Vs The League Of Monsters #5 by Zenescope Entertainment digitally on Amazon/ComiXology

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