Review: Andraste #1

As featured here, Andraste #1 is available digitally on ComiXology by Honor Vincent.

In first-century Britain, a family wages war against the Roman empire in defense of their home, their future, and each other.

Call it Peace

Aithne reflects on her first meeting with the Roman general Suetonius as she makes a difficult decision to set off a series of events that will lead her people into a bloody war.

This was an interesting beginning.

There is the threat of battle. Both of in a smaller sense and the larger ones to come. The initial is full of hot-headedness and nearly started right there. This week know some of the history, know how this pans out. It’s well done though and gets the details in place.

There are some interesting points here. First there is the Britons life and their opinions. It’s well done and the power that the women good is clear. I especially like the changes in the languages, with some assumptions and mistakes. Then there is the reading of Latin too.

The children’s opinions are well done and you know they will also have their parts to play.

The Romans too are interesting. I like the father/son dynamic here, and how strict they are. The Romans in this issue aren’t bad exactly. Not in the moustache sense, but the sense of entitlement is well done.

The art is excellent, with some vibrant colours which match in well with the forest seeing in this issue. I like the clothes and armour in this issue, it’s really well done. I really enjoyed seeing this art and love the style.

This was an interesting read. It mixes the character aspects with the historical stories. Something worth checking out.

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