Review: Conspiracy #5 Planet X

From Zenescope Entertainment, the Conspiracy series concludes with Planet X.

What truly lies in the depths of space? Is there more life than we know? So far, we are the only known intelligence in our galaxy. But what if there was another planet inhabited by other lifeforms, hiding deep within our solar system? What if they know about us? Don’t miss this shocking truth here!

Writer: Hans Rodionoff and Adam F. Goldberg
Artwork: Allan Otero

Finishing off the series with a question mark. No spoilers though. This issue completes the conspiracy set. There are the Men In Black, aliens and more. I like the way things change in this issue.

There are some interesting points and some fun tropes. Deja Vu and more. I like the way it feeds off of the previous issues.

It starts normally enough, with therapy and with an unexpected pregnancy. Unexpected, because it is nearly time and there was no prior knowledge of the pregnancy! It’s pretty freaky, but in some cases it may have gone too far.

The second act is more ‘real’ with an escape and a reason – why the group are where they are, and what is going to happen.

This was an interesting series, and featured some conspiracies that I was unaware of. The art is pretty good, with some good scenes.

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