Review: Abyssal Albion #1

Coming soon to digital formats after a successful Kickstarter campaign. This is Abyssal Albion #1

A H.P. Lovecraft inspired post-apocalypse survival horror set amongst the ruins of modern Britain. THE ROAD meets THE CALL OF CTHULHU.

Written By: Thomas J Campbell
Art By: Wayne Lowden
Cover Colours By: Sean Callahan
Logo & Letters By: Ken Reynolds

There are questions here.

But they aren’t important right now, because what we have here is an excellent story told about family in the apocalypse and the old gods.

The questions are in the background and they give us the reason as to where we are – it’s skirted round well and adds some nice background to the story.

The relationship between the siblings is well told, where those who are older or younger siblings can certainly relate to either of them.

The mystery here is what is going to happen. There is some excellent peril, saved by a mystery man. You do wonder where it is going to go – is there going to be a siege?

What comes is an excellent mix of the mystical and the physical. There are some ominous warning in dreams which lead up well to the horror to come.

This is a real page turner, with some excellent scenes, art, lettering and storytelling.

Hopefully, there is more to come from this world – those with little knowledge of the Lovecraft mythos will enjoy this as much as those who have more.

Check out Thomas J Campbell’s Titter feed here and the Abyssal Albion Twitter here.

You can get Abyssal Albion on BuySmallPress or Comichaus.

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