Review: Andraste #2

The latest issue of Andraste is out now – check out my spotlight on the first issue here and the review here.

The Mapmakers
In Londinium, a historian and his apprentice recount the bloody tale of a former king of Britannia. In Venta Icenorum, Aithne and Aidan spar while Gwyn makes a discovery that points to war.

Written by: Honor Vincent
Art by: Abel Cicero

A change of scenery from the first issue – perhaps more civilized? Even so, this still had some good action with a child’s imagination running wild.

I like how we got the different versions of the tale, and we are not sure which to believe. There is some good points with each one, and it depends on what one appeals to you the most.

The use of the map is good here, with some historical facts and locations being used.

In the second part of the story, the use of the map also has a role to play. In this case it is putting one together. I like the build to it all and it has some interesting foreboding to the battles to come.

This was a story in two parts, but they both link nicely together from opposing points of view. The flow of the stories works really well, with some interesting characters.

I enjoy the art style, the town/city location was suitably close, with some good lighting effects as by candles.
Meanwhile in the village, everything is lighter and a lot more natural.

This is a good read, with some nice build to what we know what is going to happen.

You can get Andraste #2 on ComiXology here

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