Review – Belle: Horns of the Minotaur

A new Bell one-shot is out now, this time she locks horns with the classic beast of the labyrinth in Belle: Horns of the Minotaur from Zenescope Entertainment.

Belle is a beast hunter, a legacy passed down from mother to daughter in her family for generations. To fulfill that duty, she must protect the world from the many creatures who seek to wreak havoc in it and who equally seek to end her life. From centaurs and aurents to Medusa herself, Belle has stood between them and innocent lives. Though in her past she has taken on a minotaur, this time there’s something different. A long-lost secret about this race of monster will be revealed, but will Belle survive long enough to find it out.

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Raffaele Forte & Sara Ianniello

This story has an interesting opening. Belle, unconscious, at the feet of a Minotaur. From there, it’s an interesting ride as we get to that point.
We get some of Bell and Mel’s social life – although it’s not much and they do have their differences, there is some fun there.

The blast from the past is interesting – moving into Belle’s life when she was a child, and then just as suddenly leaving. There are some interesting mirrors in Belle’s family and her old friends too.

I like the way it built up, with the final third holding the action. Before that though, it seems we have a new nemesis for Belle. This one, though is away from her family/monster ties, with some added complications – these seems similar in a way to Belle’s past and could cause problems in the future.

The action scenes are well done, going from an open battle, to something more confined – Mel has some trouble as well. The end game is still far in site. I like the way Belle is left, and her follow-up to this new problem.

There is some good artwork here – especially the minotaur, who is less comical and more imposing.

You can get Belle: Horns Of The Minotaur from Zenescope Entertainment digitally on ComiXology/Amazon.

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