Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #42

Out from Zenescope Entertainment this week, here are my thoughts on Grimm Fairy Tales #42

Lately, reports of horrific tales of a being who feeds on children in a small Russian town have been on the rise. Skye ventures to this haunted location to not only stop this nightmare but also to hopefully find the answers to the mysterious secrets she seeks from the only person who has them: Baba Yaga!

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Eman Casallos & Julius Abrera

Skye’s quest for answers continues. Here we have Skye following up on the name from her book – Baba Yaga. This story adds in some more mysteries for Skye though as there is some more history for her to learn. This time its the history of another Guardian.

This was well done, with another threat for the duo to deal with – in addition to Baba Yaga who is depleated in power, but still being artfully vague. I like the enemy, although I was a little confused as to their location. This story is set in Russia, but the other threat (no spoilers) are know to come from Scotland.

There is a kind of explanation though, and that links into some new problems for Skye in her search for Shang. This Dark Book doesn’t sound too good to me. On top of that, Baba Yaga – fully powered again – escapes.

This was a good issue, with some interesting scenes, although it was light on the action. The drip-feeding of information can be frustrating, but we are getting there.

You can get Grimm Fairy Tales #42 from Zenescope Entertainment digitally on Amazon/ComiXology

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