Review – Robyn Hood: Justice #5

The penultimate part of this current mini-series is out now from Zenescope Entertainment. This is Robyn Hood: Justice #5

Truths are revealed! With Robyn and Emily captives of Seamstress and no hope of escape in sight, all the cards are laid on the table. The mayor’s plans are coming to fruition and things aren’t looking good for our favorite archer, her friends, or the city she loves. Even if Robyn defies the impossible and gets free, is she already too late to stop the change that is coming to New York and the rest of the world?!

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artwork: Babisu Kourtis

This was an interesting penultimate issue. It at first gives us a little history. Both of the cloak and the Seamstress who created it. Not only did she create it, but she is currently causing the problems for Robyn.

This brief monologue aids Robyn as does the promise of returning with more torture equipment. It allows Robyn to use one of her greatest weapons at her disposal – her mouth. The victim in this case is the head-in-a-jar of Peacock.

What follows is a very well done right scene that leads us to the final issue.

This was a good and satisfying read. Robyn was at her best and Peacock is going to be a breakout character.

The art was well done with some well laid out scenes – especially the end of the fight with the Seamstress.

I’m looking forward to the fallout to all this.

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