Review – Van Helsing: Bloodlust

A new 2020 annual from Zenescope Entertainment – here is Van Helsing: Bloodlust, out now!

Van Helsing has had a long life and career of doing what her family does best: vampire hunting. During her time, mistakes have been made and lives have been lost, and Liesel owns her failures alongside her many successes. But when something from a long-forgotten past comes crawling from the shadows, a creature that runs off pure hatred and revenge, there’s no telling what is in store for Liesel, or if she will even be ready for it when it strikes

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Daniel Mainé

After Van Helsing’s last big adventure, it was nice to have a one-shot to calm things down.
In fact this is anything but calm. It is pretty frantic from the get go – with only some slight bookends.

The prologue had me pretty confused as I was reading. I didn’t know where this was all heading, or if had anything to do with it all. The ending polished that off well and adds something more for Van Helsing to deal with in the future.

As to the (heh) meat of the story. This was pretty much all go, with a lot of fight scenes. There’s scientists, monsters, the army and kids – all an interesting fight and well done.

The fight scenes are well shown and it adds something more to the monsters that Van Helsing fights. It was good to see Julie doing well and I wonder how that will go when she does eventually ‘Hyde Out’

In all a good one-shot story with some links to the future.

You can get Van Helsing: Bloodlust Annual 2020 from Zenescope Entertainment digitally on Amazon/ComiXology

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