Review – Belle: Targeted Prey

Belle: Targeted Prey is the latest one-shot from Zenescope Entertainment. Out this week.

Belle knows her life is far from normal, what with spending her days hunting and fighting mythical beasts and protecting the world from the dark secrets it can’t handle. But what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted? Belle is about to find out after she is targeted by one of the deadliest beings to ever exist, and they won’t be coming alone.

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Julius Abrera

After Belle’s clash with the Minotaur, I wondered if this was building up to something in the future. Well, this issue confirms it!

Belle seems to be getting into a routine, we discover that is a problem for her as she ends up getting into trouble. After some battles with some wierd lizard people, Belle ends up with a child. Not a normal child and there are some interesting details about it’s parentage. The child is just a key to capturing Belle though and the trap is well sprung.

What follows is some more of the narrated action at come to expect, it’s well played out and commented on. This commentary actually leads you will – especially at the end of the battle.

There’s a lot to look forward to here as well. It looks as if Belle has herself a new nemesis, and she seems to be sounding out Belle. She also looks like she has her own plans and an army.

This was a good issue, but I wonder how long these one-shots will last before we get into something a bit bigger.

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