Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #43

Grimm Fairy Tales #43 is out this week from Zenescope Entertainment, here are some thoughts on the issue.

There once was a shadow who didn’t like being a shadow and a girl who couldn’t handle the world around her. One day, they decided it might be better to switch places to see if they could help each other out. It worked! But what they did was forbidden, and what became of their partnership neither of them saw coming.

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Sergio Ariño, Jason Muhr, & Guillermo Fajardo

This is an issue of answers. And a story. We get to the bottom of the Dark Book and what it really contains. The ending makes me trust (mostly) what has been told, and it looks like Skye has a way forward in her quest to rescue Shang.

The teaser of the preview is really well done here (something that I don’t say often) and I like the story. We get some answers as to the whys and the links of Sela, Skye, Shang and Baba Yaga from previous stories. It is all fitting together.

The art works really well and the shadow is well done – I like the Wise Man and his trick to outfox the blood fairy.

This was an important issue, and leads us towards what is to come really well – I think it’s time for the real work to continue.

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