Review – Robyn Hood: Justice #6

The final issue of this mini-series from Zenescope Entertainment brings a lot together. This is Robyn Hood: Justice #6

This is it. The final issue of Robyn Hood’s journey to justice! Nothing will ever be the same! You won’t believe what happens!

Writer: Chuck Dixion
Artwork: Babisu Kourtis

Finishing off this mini-series in an interesting way.

There is, of course the final battle with the mayor. I like the way this all plays out, and it shows the dilemma Robyn finds herself in as she has to make a tough choice.

As you can see from the cover, she isn’t without help though, as the underground come through well here.

this issue is pretty much set in one place, and its televised for all the city to see. This may make Robyn’s life harder in the future. And the future is what we’ve got to look to. There’s a new status quo in the future for Robyn, and possibly a new host of problems. There is the robots (in storage) and the Underground (friends?). There’s also, hopefully, the Peacock…

This was a good finish though, even with all the threads for the future. It leaves us some questions and closes off some others. The fight scenes were well laid out and planned too.

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