Review: Scarenthood #2

The second issue of Scarenthood is out now from IDW Publishing.

Cormac and his daughter Scooper haven’t hung out much lately—he’s been trying to learn more about the thing he disturbed underneath the village hall, why it’s dogging him, and whether it’s connected to the disappearance of a child four decades earlier: and while her dad’s been so busy and her mum is… not at home… Scooper has found a new friend to take special care of her.

Nick Roche (Author, Artist, Cover Artist)

This is such an intense read. From beginning to end, it’s hard to look away. Even for the more creepy bits. This is a special read, it blends the real-life, with the horror (including jump scares) and a fair amount of humour.

Bing isn’t the dark web.

Building on the intensity of the last issue, there is the gang of parents investigating the horror that may or may not have happened around the school.

The different personalities show up well in the home lives of the parents near the end, but they all seem to be working together well. I especially like the nickname for the kids.

The horror aspect in this issue is more implied, but there are some excellent moments – the scene with the black dog was excellent.

That scene brings me on nicely to the art – it’s well done, with a nice cross of cartoony and horror in the mix.

This is an excellent horror mystery, and one that I want more of.

You can get Scarenthood #2 digitally from IDW Publishing on Amazon/ComiXology.

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