Review – Myths & Legends Quarterly: Gretel Witch Hunter

Another large size story from Zenescope Entertainment this is Myths & Legends Quarterly: Gretel Witch Hunter

Gretel’s life has been coupled with one trauma after the next, starting with the loss of her brother at a young age and then her mentor just recently, both due to the machinations of an evil witch. Cursed with powers that grant her a long life that spans centuries, she is forced to consume human hearts to sustain herself at the cost of her own humanity. Recently, she has teamed up with Calabar, a mercenary who is part of a secret faction determined to rid the world of all witches. But now, what they have discovered could unravel everything they have been working so hard to create. A new coven of witches is forming, and at its center, a new evil rises, something so powerful that they may not be enough to protect us.

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Alessio Mariani, Guillermo Fajardo,
Babisu Kourtis, & Dario Tallarico

This was an interesting addition to the Gretel story.

There’s a lot of history going on here and it was interesting to see where it was all going. There was a new threat and it is something different.

We get some history from Gretel too. Although most of it is know for the character, the cabin that is found is a suitable time for a flashback. The change in the art style is well suited to the story.

This is mostly Gretel and the new threat in the story. Caliber adds a good dimension to it. She gets in some peril though and there is a little humour too.

The new threat has a good dimension and I like the history and the turns. The magic is interesting, it may be an idea to see what the ‘rules’ are for the magic in this world are.

The extras size of the story allows us to have some well done decomposed storytelling here so it all fits in well without being rushed.

Where next for Gretel? We should get past the witch-of-the-month.

You can get Myths & Legends Quarterly: Gretel Witch Hunter from Zenescope Entertainment.

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