Review – Robyn Hood Annual: Worlds Apart

Finishing off the year with a bang and an extra large annual. This is Robyn Hood Annual: Worlds Apart from Zenescope Entertainment.

A year ago, Robyn Hood’s best friend, Marian Quin, suffered a horrible loss. In order to save our world, Marian had to make a hard sacrifice. She sent her wife, Sam, to an unknown fate across the universe, to a world torn apart by gigantic hideous monsters once only imagined in nightmares. But now, she has found a way to get there, and with the help of Robyn she hopes to save Sam from the savage world she was banished to.

Writer: Lou Iovino
Artwork: Babisu Kourtis

Following on from the return of Marian in the Justice mini-series. This story leads onto what was happening far away and with an old villain.

This was a good read that picks up some loose ends and wraps them up. It gives us a little something for the future to look forward to at the end.

The action is pretty much from the get-go. With mainly disposable demons taking the brunt of the arrows and magic. The introduction to this alien world is brutal and quick. There are shocks from Sam as she details the situation and how long it has been.

From there it’s pretty fast moving, with a nice ending that links to earlier in the story. I must admit, I did guess where it was going to end up.

This was an enjoyable read and rounds off the year for Robyn well.

Let’s see what is to come…

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