Review: Transformers #27

The war continues. And this time is on the moon. Transformers #27 is out now from IDW Publishing.

“War World: Moon”. Cybertron’s winged moon, untethered from the planet and adrift in space, is in peril—from its slow descent towards the solar system’s star to new visitors who have their own plans for what to do with the moon. Can the remaining scientists and engineers hold their own until back-up arrives from Cybertron?

Brian Ruckley (Author) Fico Ossio (Artist) Livio Ramondelli (Cover Artist) David Garcia Cruz (Colorist)

Returning to Cybertron’s moon. There is a good amount going on here. It’s removed enough from the politics of the main story to give us a simpler story.

This issue feature a lot of ‘known’ names for us older Transformers fans. Seeing Astrotrain and Skylynx was good for me.

The story is well told – bouncing between the Risers (Deceptions) and the defending Autobots. There is some great banter going on between the teams. I found some of the former colleagues going at it very interesting too.

The end game was well done, with some interesting points. The weapon used and the escape. The war goes on after this skirmish. There was also a couple of nice points left hanging that can be picked up in the far future.

The art was brilliant with traps and battles. The colours in all the scenes worked well too. I especially like the large panel with Astrotrain.

You can get Transformers #27 from IDW Publishing.

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