Review: White Lily #1

A World War II story in the air. This is White Lily #1 from Red 5 Comics.

From creator Preston Poulter comes this series of comics showcasing the real life story of the two highest scoring female combat pilots in history. The series will examine their battles both in the air and on the ground as they move from civilian flight instructors during the Battle of Moscow, to fighter pilots during the Battle of Stalingrad, to free hunting aces at the Battle of Kursk.

by Preston Poulter (Author), Lovalle Davis (Illustrator), Walden Wong (Illustrator), Diana Greenhaight (Illustrator), Alonson Espinosa (Illustrator), Diana Greenhalgh (Editor)

The start of a new story from Red 5 Comics, and this one does an excellent job of showing some of the opposing characters.

The fact that they are on the same side make this more interesting.

Having read and been a fan of Garth Ennis’s Night Witches story, I was intrigued to see where this would start and go.

White Lily starts earlier. With two of the new female puppies coming from different backgrounds – and different histories.

One is a Russian farm girl, who has dreams of flying. Her mother is very anti, and her opinions harsh. She seems more rigid in her ways. Katya’s reaction to the attempted men in her life is interesting.

Then there is Katya – she’s Polish and still had memories of the Russian invasion. They are not good memories. Katya is a lot more lippy – but, she is a very good pilot.

The reaction is very interesting of the higher ups. They don’t like the women pilots and it shows.

This is an excellent introduction to the story with some great art. The flying scenes are really well done and show off the planes really well.

I would look forward to seeing where this goes.

You can get White Lily #1 from Red 5 Comics digitally on Amazon/ComiXology

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