Review: Scarenthood #4

The final issue of this first arc, and there’s a lot to take in. This is Scarenthood #4 from IDW Publishing.

The Big Boy has tipped ALL the toys out, and the Grown-Ups don’t know how to clean them up.

There are revelations about Flynno’s brother, the ‘Mother Of One’, and Father Sinnott; can they be connected? And it’s a race against time for Cormac to catch Scooper’s School Play–but stage-fright is the least of her problems….

Nick Roche (Author, Artist, Cover Artist)

This was a satisfying conclusion to the arc. I say arc, instead of story, because hopefully there is more to come.

There were some questions answered, as well as more being asked. I like the introduction of some of the characters and the delving into the mythology.

The ‘big boy’ was scary enough, and there was an interesting shock right at the end too.

The story builds well and this issue allows all the characters in the team some time to shine. They all seem to have their own role in place for this all, and the things to come.

The art is excellent – combining the mundane (less so in this issue) with the dark and fantastic. There are some excellent comic beats in this comic – especially where Scooper is concerned.

This was a brilliant read, and one I will get in trade.

You can get Scarenthood #4 from IDW Publishing on Amazon/ComiXology.

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