Advance Review: Boom Bandits

Out this week digitally on Amazon, Boom Bandits is by Bruno Stahl – who is behind the excellent Jurassic Punx that was featured in Spacewarp.

You can check out an preview here.

“In Scarcity, you can’t trust anyone over the age of 40.

For young Pixie and Freydank, life expectancy is low and regularly disrupted by immortal elders from neighbouring Methuseland. When a small act of mischief forces them to flee their home, they discover a forgotten relic that – if unleashed – will smash the status quo and cause potential anarchy between the two cities.”

Boom Bandits is a self-contained cyberpunk graphic novel packed with humour, thrilling action and unsuspecting heroes. Featuring striking black and white artwork. Boom Bandits comes from the desire to create pop-culture that doesn’t delve into nostalgia and reflects the struggles of younger generations.

It’s Boomers vs Millennials.

The outlaw comic for the outlaw generation!

by Bruno Stahl (Author, Illustrator), Odette Schofield (Editor)

Certainly an outlaw comic for the outlaw generation.

It’s always great to discover something new, and Boom Bandits has something new about it, while also giving us something old.

I say old, because this is a comic that really takes me back. Takes me back to reading old copies of 2000 AD and the like when I was younger. I loved the anarchy in those comics, and this story gives you some of that.

This is a comic for all generations. With plenty of action and a lot going on, you really get your moneys worth out of it all.

We get introduced quickly to the status quo. Well crafted with a tour of the poorer areas for those who can afford it. Obviously, for those on the tour, things go wrong and from then on in, it’s pretty much all go.

Gloriously violent, we get introduced to the key players in the story and those who stand out. Of course, the boomers have the money, and they think that by throwing it away they can fix the problems that they created. It’s a new class system which has arisen from the ashes of the old world.

The action is brilliant, with some suitable, gory and over the top scenes – these really take me back. The action scenes all fit in really well to the story, with some back-and-forth fights and fleeing through the sewers.

I really enjoy the art style, and the tone of it all. The black and white comic really works in this format and it shows off the artists skills in showing what is happening.

We finish with a kind-of feel-good moment and a view of things to come. This is the ‘New Hope’ part of the story, but I’m sure we’re going to see the Empire Boomers Strike Back!

This is well worth your time, and something new to pick up.

You can get Boom Bandits digitally on Amazon.

And for more details, check out Bruno Stahl here.

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