Review – Belle: Thunder of Gods

A new one-shot story for Belle this week from Zenescope Entertainment.

A warrior is only as good as the weapon they master unless that weapon is capable of destroying all in its path. The underbelly of Philadelphia is stirring, and the rumblings are whispering war. Belle is about to get pulled into something she doesn’t fully understand, but something that could destroy all she holds dear is about to be unleashed. Don’t miss this epic clash as Belle takes on the thunder of gods!

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Ismael Canales

Bigger than usual, this was an interesting read. It’s starts off with a bit of mythos, and I like that it’s adding some world building to Belle’s world. There definitely needs to be something bigger than ‘monster of the week’ in her world. This seems to have added it.

It takes some of what we have already seen. Mystical weapons, and cyclops. I like the idea behind them and the fact that they could be a little annoyed that they are left out of the history of what they have done.

Adding in the crime aspect works well, and I do get a slight feel of the film Alien Nation, with the cyclops perhaps making their way in different aspects of life.

The set up of this story was well done, with a lot of flashback to get us to where we start. Belle isn’t in a good way, and Mel is on her way to help – and she does in a way, but there is more behind all of this.

We are yet to get all the answers, but it’s building up to something in an interesting manner.

You can get Belle: Thunder of Gods from Zenescope Entertainment digitally on Amazon/ComiXology.

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