Review: Hand Me Down

One of TKO Studios one-shot stories, Hand Me Down is out now.

Reuben and Lyra are on the brink of a failing marriage when they’re invited to a risqué soiree hosted by wealthy neighbors in their glitzy new suburb. But things take a demonic turn when they realize they’ll be taking home a lot more than just a party favor…

Written by Alex Paknadel
Art by Jen Hickman

Being a one-shot doesn’t give you the luxury of starting off slow. Nevertheless, this one-shot does give you some nice build. It works as an excellent example of the three acts. The first third of the story builds everything up. We get introduced to the main characters well. The information is short, but well rounded. We get not only the hopes, fears and ambitions of the characters, but also their thoughts.

Reuben and Lyra are interesting character, and I like the way they are used in this story. Lyra is the strong one, and she leads this story well.

The second act sets up the threat. It’s well written and it makes a whole host of thoughts go through your head – you fear the worst in some parts, and it twists you well. The parts with Gabe are especially well done.

There are many twists and turns and then we get to the final act.

Alex Paknadel really gets you going, in my head, I was wondering where this was going to go up until the final page – it is excellently crafted.

The art by Jen Hickman is perfect. Dark and creepy in all the right places. The colour also adds to the emotions in the scenes well – especially the darker times.

The demonic addition is brilliant. Taking on some of the darker aspects, but also with something else to it. The eyes are a really nice touch.

This is an excellent read, I think this story is going to stick with me for a long time, and would recommend checking this out.

You can get Hand Me Down from TKO Studios digitally on ComiXology here.

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