Review: Robyn Hood: Cult of the Spider-Queen

A one-shot Robyn Hood story of this week from Zenescope Entertainment.

People are going missing in Manhattan. As Robyn investigates these strange disappearances, she discovers that they are rumored to be tied to the mysterious Spider Cult. The deeper Robyn digs into the cult’s activities, the more dangerous she realizes they are. And at the center of their web may well be the most terrifying threat she has ever faced… the deadly and evil Spider Queen.

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Babisu Kourtis

Spinning (no pun intended) into the new status quo for Robyn.

She has new allies and it looks like they are going to be helping each other more.

This was a pretty freaky villain and something for Robyn to really go against.

It fits nicely for Robyn – missing people and a hidden group looking for power. The build-up is well done with Robyn getting not only the details, but also the kit to fight.

Robyn getting a weapons upgrade has been a while coming, and I like the way it has been set up. I’m sure that will build into future stories.

The Spider-Queen herself is an interesting prospect, and she seems be something for the future. I like the way these are planned for.

The use of not only the monster spider-people, but the normal ones was well done and the art showed them all off well.

A good one-shot story

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