Review: Zero Medal #1

Digital comics are worldwide, and this week I had the chance to review Zero Medal #1 from Rogerio Ferraz by way of Brazil.

Garra and Pandora’s first adventure. In this issue, Garra, a creature created in a alien laboratory by using a human DNA and a tiger DNA, is sent to planet Earth to kill a young policewoman named Pandora and retrieve the Universe Medal she just got from a strange unidentified biker,. Mystery surrounds the relationship between the Garra alien creator called Dr. Mente, an old rival known only as Beta and the missing Pandora’s brother.

Written by Rogerio Ferraz Da Dilva
Translated by Aelita Kusmenkovsky
Pencils & Inks by Rogerio Ferraz Da Dilva
Colored by Fernando Franco & Rosinaldo J. Lages

Throwing us right in at the beginning we get a decent amount of exposition. It sets things up nicely for the rest of the story, while giving us a certain degree of mystery.

And mystery there is – who is Dr Mente really – what are his true goals. What about Beta, the biker and Pandora’s brother? All good questions and all ones that I’m sure will be answered slowly as the story progresses.

Once we get the landing on Earth, the action is pretty much go from there. With spaceships, fighting tigers and robots. It’s interesting, as we don’t know too much about the power of these medals, and what their limits are. Dr Mente does seem to have some commentary on that fact, and that will be something interesting to explore in later issues.

The fighting tiger, Garra, seems interesting – initial it looks like it is on an attack mission, but some memory loss caused some of its plans to change. What will happen when those memories come back? Will it be the same, or revert to its original orders.

The end of the issue looks to build on that particular problem.

The art is great fun to read, with big, open, panels and wide ranging scenes. I like the cartoon feel colouring and style – this makes me feel like I’m watching some weekend morning TV.

This is certainly something different to read and worth checking out for all ages.

You can get Zero Medal #1 on ComiXology here.

Check out the website for the series, with a free issue #0 here.

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