Fund Me Friday: Tales From The Interface No.3

What's hidden behind the Interface? Cookies, blood and mayhem.

Funded now on Kickstarter, with an opportunity to get digital and print versions – including catchup editions. This is the third book of Tales From The Interface.

A dystopian megalopolis… a harsh, violent city where citizens get slaughtered at the first sign of unruliness by the Robopaxes:  Nightmarish, Lovecraftian tentacular monsters. This grimful backdrop is punctuated with a good dose of dark humour, provided by the often clueless inhabitants of the city.

Emmanuel Filteau
If you like: weird and unusual future tech, vivid dystopian futures, retro sci-fi, cyberpunk, Judge Dredd (2000AD), Akira (Otomo), Hard Boiled (Darrow), L’Incal (Moebius), Altered Carbon, Blade Runner, The Matrix, Logan’s run, Robocop, Soylent Green, THX 1192, Total Recall,1984, Brave New world, Foundation series, Neuromancer or Beneath a steel sky. Tales from the Interface was made for you!

Throwing myself into this world was an excellent idea. It’s crazy and a lot going on. You really don’t know what is around the corner, but I loved it.

This is a certainly a weird and wonderful read, with mutant rats, robots and squid-like things (?) Nevertheless this was a highly enjoyable read.

I really get the feel of some of the more out-there stories in Judge Dredd, or a weird amalgamation of some of the more off the wall Future Shocks. This is high praise and should be read to be enjoyed. I can see people settling down on a dark night to read this as it totally immerses you into it.

In this book, you follow the ‘normal’ people as they get to see not only a bit of the life of those below, but those up above. There are some differing views in here, but they all click in well – there is some brilliant world building here.

The art is bubbly and fun in all the right ways – graffiti style cyberpunk – but can also get the darker and gritty side of it all. This is something that gets missed in other titles.

This looks to be a fun story to back – available in English and French too.

Back it on Kickstarter here.

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