Review: Busy Little Bees #1

Now on Kickstarter from Blue Fox Comics is the first issue of a new series coming out over 2021 and 2022. This is Busy Little Bees #1

Myna is housed in a secure unit owned by her wealthy family. Her brother, Sebastian, is the only one who visits, the only one who believes she can recover. After securing a harpsichord, an instrument they played in their youth, he hopes to calm her mind with an impromptu concert at the unit. The night, however, holds its own surprises.

Written by Marielle Bouleau, with art by Emiliano Correa, colours by Willi Roberts and letters by Rob Jones

This is a story that pulled me into a large range of emotions.

It starts in a really dark place. In this secure house, Myna is listening. Listening to the walls. Listening to the life around her. There is something disturbing as she waits. Hand against the walls. It’s chilling as the night light shines through the windows. There is a sense of uncertainty as we are unsure on how real this is, is it real or is it in her head? This opening scene frames the story will and it builds to a crescendo.

Next up, we meet Sebastian. Driving to visit his sister, his thoughts to himself as he drives alone are very familiar. And there are family issues there too. His mother, trying to ring, and the ghost of his father. He seems to loom large in this story, like a ghost from the past.

As the issue progresses, we meet some others in the institution. Some are staff, some are patients. There are those who care, and this who have given up.

The change in Myna is pretty shocking and take a dark turn, but the music seems to calm her. That is what makes the final act of the issue so shocking. There are things behind the walls and something more…

I’m not giving anything else away, as this is a a issue that starts off the story will and leaves us wanting more.

The art is incredible with the style sitting the story, especially the more fantastic aspects. That leads me into the colours, with some excellent tones and shades. The dark places are both past of the mind as well as the setting.

The lettering does some excellent lifting, with a lot being told at the beginning, with some well-worked parts.

This is a beginning that starts the story will with some compelling characters and themes. There are dark times, hope and something more. And that something more makes it something I want and drew me into reading without stopping until I got to the end.

You can back the Kickstarter here.

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