Review – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Jennika II #6

Completing this latest mini-series from the world of the TMNT, this is Jennika II #6 from IDW Publishing.

Trapped and forced to make an impossible choice, Jennika must confront her violent past to find a way forward. A life of creating death comes back to haunt Jennika in this gripping finale!

Ronda Pattison (Author) Jodi Nishijima (Artist, Cover Artist)

Jennika is in a tough situation. Caught in a trap and it’s being made to go back to a life that she doesn’t want to.

Luckily, this story of some start on the road to redemption works well.

Building well, this works well as Jennika makes some amends to the past. It does have a decent amount of action. Various goons try to make their play and Jennika works well against them.

Jennika in a prison is an interesting situation – she was in a bad way from the last issue, and here she is given a choice. Her thoughts on her previous life are well laid out, and I like the reaction from the mobsters son. It builds well, and the cameos from the rest of the family are well done, and push that Jennika needs to realise that she isn’t alone. I did like the rat in the foreground too,

The art works well, in the light, as well as the darker places. I may never look at a gazelle the same way. In the sewers, they are suitably dark, and the appearance in the ‘human’ world is excellent – and it adds into the story being told.

This was a good finish to a week later out and planned mini-series. It looks to the problems in the main series too.

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