Advance Review: The Deadliest Bouquet #1

Coming soon to Kickstarter – check out this details here – is The Deadliest Bouquet #1

The Deadliest Bouquet has murder, secrets, and family drama wrapped up in 1998. Three estranged sisters trained by their Nazi-hunting mother must come together to help solve their mother’s murder…and try not to kill each other in the process. Rose, Poppy, and Violet were all trained in the art of espionage and assassination by their mother, Jasmine. When they were old enough to survive on their own, Poppy and Violet left home, with Rose, the oldest and “responsible one” remaining to help Jasmine run the flower shop. When Jasmine is found murdered in an apparent botched robbery, Poppy and Violet return home to New Jersey to confront old demons, dig up buried secrets, and solve their mother’s murder. With the sisterhood and family drama of Charmed and the aesthetic of Singles, it’s grunge meets pop meets enthusiasm for the new millennium.

Writer Erica Schultz
Interior artist Carola Borelli
Colorist Gab Contreras
Cover artist Kevin Wada
Editor James Emmett

That is a lot to take in for a first issue!

For what is a standard size for a comic, I really feel you will get your money’s worth. We get the present and various looks at the history of the flower-themed daughters of a strong woman.

It starts off with the death of the mother – in mysterious circumstances – and there is a lot to take in. This is for both us as the reader and the daughters. Each one has their own reaction, and very well told distinct personalities. I like the way they build and we discover what some of their skills are and how they are now living their lives.

There is some classic sibling banter, which is well told and hints at some underlying issues with them. This is shown in flashback to when they are younger, as well as when they a recovering from the crime scene.

The art is well done, with some excellent scenes. There are some excellent character expressions, coming in tight and really showing the emotion of the story. The fast-moving parts are well done, with some chases and sibling fighting. This links up nicely to the colouring – with some perfect tones, and washed-up style in the flashback scenes.

A special mention to the lettering – with the use of flowers in caption box scenes to show which of the daughters is talking.

This was a brilliant introduction, and well suited to the styles of all involved – it works as an excellent setup for the future issues, and the end of the issue works well into that.

I’m going to be backing it to succeed and I recommend checking it out.

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