Review: Jimmy’s Vendetta Part 1

Coming soon to Kickstarter from Blue Fox Comics, I was lucky enough to have an early look at the beginnings of a new series. This is Jimmy’s Vendetta Part 1.

Jimmy’s Vendetta follows Jimmy ‘the White’ Bianchi, a demi-god, mafia hitman out to avenge his death in a post-apocalyptic world. The story begins with Jimmy being raised from the dead with only the visual memory of who killed him and where, he does not remember who he is or why he is back.

Written by Luca Palumbo and art by Christos Kyriacou

Combining the building of a new world, with some hints of the old one. Jimmy’s Vendetta is certainly a page turner. I couldn’t believe how well I got through it.

The new world first. This is a futuristic, sci-fi, with a good mix of decadence, lasers, mechanical arms and crime. I like the set up with the crime bosses. There is always shaky truce, and it’s always interesting to see how they get broken and who does the breaking. In this case there is no fault on either side. The killings aren’t part of this gang rivalry – but they will be the powder keg that is going to blow this whole world open.

I like the twist on the old world. The crossing of the gods and demi-gods with the mafia family is a good mix. It works well and helps with a lot of the names. I wonder if the named gods will revert to type?

The vendetta part seems justified. We still haven’t got the full who/what/why, but there is a big enough hook in this world to see where it is going. Who was ultimately responsible, why did they do it and what happened to Jimmy to bring him back? The return from the dead is interesting. Jimmy is without an arm (although he does rectify that in an interesting way) and he seems to have only a fleeting recollection on what happened.

There is some excellent action here – Jimmy’s scenes are well done, with a touch of dark humour. I can see these sort of battles continuing in the series as Jimmy gets closer to the truth.

The art plays out really well – I like the style of this den of sin, with bosses and all types of people. The backgrounds and those walking them are as varied as you would expect.
The art style works well with the action scenes, and the slower scenes just as well – with some excellent colours to boot.

This is an interesting beginning to a new series, with a lot to take in, although it settles you in well. There is some interesting scope for future issues too.

Jimmy’s Vendetta Part 1 is currently funding on Kickstarter – you can sign up to be notified or back it here.

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