Review – Robyn Hood: Voodoo Dawn

The Voodoo Dawn returns, this time to trouble Robyn Hood. in Robyn Hood: Voodoo Dawn from Zenescope Entertainment

Dark Magic and evil rituals are two things Robyn’s life knows almost too well, and this time won’t be any different. Something deadly is coming for our favorite vigilante-archer, and Robyn is going to be in a fight for her soul when she takes on the mysterious Voodoo priest, Zaka!

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Alessandro Uezu

After Mystere’s adventures with her own voodoo background, it now spreads to bother Robyn Hood. This spreads the problem well and adds some limits on Mystere’s powers and also some of the potential help she may get from ‘elsewhere’. Robyn is a good foil for this too. She’s seen a fair amount of her weird stuff and doesn’t really question the validity of what is going on.

The use of Robyn in this case works well – she is seen as a helper to the people of the city and will deal with the strange things going on. I like the way she throws herself into it all.

Mystere makes a grand appearance here, and it works well – she is more comfortable with her power and this is a good showcase of it all. At some point Robyn, Van Helsing and Mystere could have a good team-up (perhaps throw Hellchild in there too)

There is some good action going on here, with zombies and spirits. Both ladies get their chance to shine in their own way and there are some good resolutions.

I like the ending – giving it a resolution and something with a question mark on the future. These are things that can return.

A good continuation from the previous Voodoo Dawn story.

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