Review – Grimm Spotlight: Hercules vs the Scorpion Queen

Out now from Zenescope Entertainment, is a spotlight on another character from the Grimm Universe – this is Hercules vs the Scorpion Queen.

Andre Payne is just trying to get through life.That’s not easy when you’re the son of the god Zeus…or when the Scorpion Queen decides she wants you dead and your power for herself.Things just aren’t easy when you’re a Demi-God.

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Jason Muhr

Hercules is a character that we haven’t seen in the Grimm Universe for a while. And it seems like he’s been busy.
Taking liberally from the classic tale, this has the trials of Hercules, but adds not only a Grimm universe twist, but a bit more to it.

Hercules is cleaning up the town, but you can see his rage is getting the better of him. Destroying the town, while it does include getting rid of drug dealers, it doesn’t seem to be really helping. His family are seeing this too.

Someone else who has seen this is the Scorpion Queen. From the realm of Oz, she wants a throne, and to do so has to complete 12 labours. Luckily for her, she can ask a champion to do it for her.. Hercules is manipulated into doing so.

With his rage driving him, we get a montage of the 12 labours, and things are pretty brutal as Hercules assures himself that he is doing it for his family.

As things pan out, it has an interesting ending, adding the world of Oz was a good move, as the trials work really well here. The quest itself was well done and I was kept guessing as to where it would lead. I have a feeling we may not be seeing a huge amount of Hercules for a while, but his foray into Oz adds a new dimension for the character.

The art is well done, with some good use in the aforementioned labour montage, with some good fun with the colouring here.

You can get Hercules vs the Scorpion Queen from Zenescope Entertainment digitally on Amazon/ComiXology.

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