Review: Bermuda #1

From IDW Publishing this week is a new series – this is Bermuda #1.

There’s a region in the Atlantic Ocean where planes disappear, ships are lost, and traveling souls go missing… never to be heard from again. And there’s an island within this place, mysterious and uncharted, untouched by time and civilization, where all who are lost end up—human or other! Bermuda lives here. She’s 16, scrappy, and living on this insane and wondrous jungle island—fighting at every turn to survive—is the only life she has ever known. She can handle the dinosaurs, the pirates, the crazed soldiers, dark magicians, and strange monsters. But the weird new kid who washes ashore just may be the biggest challenge Bermuda has ever faced—as he drags her along on a perilous rescue mission she wants no part of… and he’s likely to be the death of both of them!

John Layman (Author) Nick Bradshaw (Artist, Cover Artist) Len O’Grady (Colorist)

There is always the challenge – in a first issue – to do a massive info dump. This is usually at the detriment of the story.

In this case, the information given is cunningly spread across the story, building things up nicely and adding to the story.
Taking the theme of the ‘lost island’ and giving it a few twists makes this an intreaguing story. We start with some interesting introductions. We meet the rich children, crashed on a desert island. Always an interesting trope, but then things get interesting.
This is no normal desert island – we have slavers, mer-people and more. We are promised pirates, dinosaurs and Vikings (more on that later). Not all of these have been officially introduced yet.

The results of the crash landing are well done, and they move fast, we get some interesting ups and downs in this beginning, and things are looking interesting. I’m sure we are going to get more information coming soon.

The characters are well introduced and I like the way things build up – with some interesting and fun methods of using this. Bermuda seems very much a free spirit, and her way around the island will be something to behold.

I really enjoy the art style of it all – the colours are vibrant, but really suit the deserted island tone of it all. There looks to be some great ideas and fun for the art team to play with this.

Back in the ‘real world’ there looks to be something extra. Some conspiracy with the children’s father to contend with – this adds a new dimension and gives me a Stargate feel.

This is an enjoyable first issue with much to tease for the future. I love the map at the end, and this also gives us some adventures to enjoy.

You can get Bermuda #1 from IDW Publishing in print or digitally here.

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