Review – Grimm Tales of Terror Quarterly: Game Night

Out now from Zenescope Entertainment is a new extra-sized issue – Grimm Tales of Terror Quarterly: Game Night

It’s all fun and games until an evil spirit or demonic entity decides they want to play too! Games have been around since the beginning of mankind. We have always been drawn to them, and they have become almost ritualistic, sitting around with family and loved ones following the rules, laughing, enjoying, and declaring a victor. But when long-time friends get together for a night of presumed fun and games, they will find out that not every game has a winner.

Writer: Kevin Townsley
Artwork: Rodrigo Xavier, Marcelo Salaza, and Vicente Cifuentes,

This was indeed a twisted tale.

The large size of this issue allows a really good tale to be told. With some small flashbacks and a lot of character interaction, this really draws you in.

The use of the game really mixes things up, and there are some pretty gruesome stories going on here, with some revenge and also some secrets being told. I like the way this is all building up, and there are some assumptions that you will make – these may be wrong.

The characters all have some good details – there are some interesting scenes, and the build to it all falling apart is really tense.

The art style works really well, with suspense and horror – the use of the cards adds something extra and you get to see the instructions here.

You would think this is a confined story – all in the apartment of one of the rich characters, but it spreads out nicely, and I like the way some of these aspects are all pulled out.

There are some gruesome aspects, with some deaths and injuries – they take the folk horror tales and add an interesting twist within the game.

It all leads up to an excellent, classic twist ending.

Definitely a good long read of horror!

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